Ideal coolbox for keeping your food and drinks cold or hot during your outdoor activities.

The 24-litre model here tops a line-up of three designed to work from a 12V or 230V electricity supply. This all-new model comes with two sturdy wheels and a pull-out handle to make moving it, empty or full, that bit more convenient. It also a split lid function to keep any heat loss to a minimum and can include two 2-litre bottles standing in its spacious interior.

Capacity : 24 L

Size :
- Depth : 28 cm
- Width : 44 cm
- Height : 41 cm

Colour : Green / Grey

Features :
- Fold flat handle
- Cooling and heating function
- Cool 18-25°C below outside temperature
- Warm 50-60°C
- Inside icepack divider
- Hidden and protected cable entry
- Optimal ventilation performance
- Energy saving
- Extra insulation
- Variable handle position
- Can be used for both 12V and 230V