What are the return deadlines ?

A mistake ? You changed your mind? 
At Khyam's, you can return to us every item which not suit you within 7 days.

How to return ?

In compliance with General Terms and Conditions of sale, you shall return the product to us in its original packaging, complete (accessories, instructions, ...), in a perfect state, without any impurity traces, soil, blade of grass (concerning the camping tents).

Otherwise the return will be considered as non-compliant.

You have 2 options :


1- Pack the product in its original packaging. You are in charge of this packaging. It has to be made in such a way that the product can be transported without any risk of damage and deterioration. 

2- Stick a sheet of paper on the parcel with you name and adress as well as the return adress :
ZAC de Trémogne
58 avenue du Belvédère
63130 ROYAT

3- Choose the form of delivery which suits you (Post office or the chosen haulier). Subscribe or not to an insurance in case of loss, theft or destruction of your parcel.  You are charged of the shipping costs. 

4- After reception of your parcel and with reservation of the returned products' conformity, we will proceed to the exchange or the refund or we will give you a credit note. 


1- Come at Khyam's.

2- Exchange your item or have a repayment.

3- With reserve of the available stocks and the conformity of the returned products, we will proceed to the exchange, the refund or we will give you a credit note.


How to be repayed ?

If you return by post or by haulier, Khyam will repay you the price of the product and the related shipping costs as soon as possible (if your order did not reach the carriage free). At the very latest you will be repayed within 30 days from the reception of your parcel.

The repayment method will depend on the payment method you chose when you ordered :

- In case of payment by cheque or bank transfer, we will repay you with a cheque which will be sent to the billing adress
- In case of payment by debit card, the repayment will be done directly on your account. (The one which is related to the debit card that you used to pay your order)
- We also propose you to establish a credit note which will be valid during one year

SPECIAL CASE : If the initial amount of your order gave you the right to a carriage free, you can be confronted to 2 cases:

- either the value of the returned items brings the amount of your order below the carriage free : Khyam will repay you the value of the returned items after deduction of the shipping costs which were initially offered.
-either the value of the returned items does not bring the amount of your order below the carriage free : Khyam will repay you the value of the returned items.

If you make your return at Khyam's we will repay you or we will establish a credit note on-site.